How Bike Riders Can Cope With Back Pain

Riding a motorbike is a liberating experience. Cutting through the air leaving behind blurring images is the most exciting part of riding the two-wheeler. However, if you are using the bike for your daily commute to work or even for leisure, it can take its toll on your back.

The riding posture can cause your neck and back pain that leaves you in agony. You can change how you feel after every ride by trying out a few exercises, stopping in the middle to stretch a bit, and focusing to get the correct posture when on the bike.

How Riding Bike Leads To Neck and Back Pain

Your sitting posture and the distance you travel are the reasons for back pain from riding. With a two-wheeler, your position remains the same for lengths of time, and it is not a normal posture for your body. You not only lean forward but also twist your back that makes your body vulnerable to musculoskeletal aches and pains.

Also, the type of motorbike you have can have an impact on the severity of the back pain. Pains all gone bring you natural pain relief spray that prevents and reduces the severity of back pain that riding a bike causes. Other options that you have for reducing the pain include:

  • Get handlebars that fit your measurement by consulting a professional
  • Replace the stock seat for a seat that sits well with your body measurements
  • You can also change the position of your foot as it can affect the support to your back and legs
  • Make a conscious effort to stay relaxed when riding a bike. If you feel your body tensing during the ride, you must take a break to stretch a bit.

Making Your Back And Core Stronger

If you are someone who has to use a bike more often or on a daily basis, you must take out some time from your day to practice strengthening exercises. These exercises will help you strengthen your core and reduce the strain on your spine.

When you sit on a two-wheeler, your body constantly uses its core muscles to help you maintain balance and stay upright. While riding, your body gets worked up quickly if you are not stronger. Some of the exercises you can practice are bridge pose, cat pose, or the at-home exercises like squeezing shoulder blace, lower back rotations, and knee-to-chest stretch.

Sitting With A Correct Riding Posture

You can avoid body aches and pain by trying to be more cautious of sitting posture and taking a few precautions to make sure your back stays safe and protected. You can adjust the seat of your bike and the footrests so that your body is not strained when you try to reach the handlebars.

When on the bike, keep your back straight and line up your shoulders above your hips. Keep your shoulders squared and avoid hunching.

Stop In The Middle To Stretch

When traveling long distances, you can do simple stretched on your bike. You can do the stretches during long signals and in traffic jams too. Just pull over a bit to rest and stretch yourself. Some of the stretches that you can do are:

  • Stretch your neck by clasping your hands behind your head with your arms wide open and swing your neck from side to side
  • Place your right hand on the right handlebar and stretch so that your left hand must reach the back of your seat as you face the left side. Keep on repeating the exercises for both left and right sides

Maintain Your Bike

A poorly kept bike jolts your body with such fierce force that your every bone in your body shakes! The poor suspension or any other problem in your bike aggravates the pain as you ride over bumps or potholes. Make sure you regularly service your bike and keep it well-maintained to avoid body problems.

Applying A Pain Relief Spray

A pain relief spray or gel is another way to cope with body aches and pains. Good pain relief sprays by Pains All Gone is the best way to reduce pain caused by inflammation that results from continuous stress and strain on your back.

The non-intrusive and effective spray helps improve the range of motion and loosens the stiffness that the static sitting position causes. The spray bottle is easy to carry and can be used anywhere for immediate pain relief.

If you feel none of your remedies are working, you should immediately consult a physician!

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