How To Cure Shoulder Pain At Home

The unannounced arrival of shoulder pain has many causes. The daily activities make shoulder injuries common. From lifting a suitcase, putting on a seat belt, to reaching for a jar on the top shelf, all can result in the straining of shoulder muscles.

The neck pain that radiates outwards, causing a rotator cuff injury, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis are the reasons shoulder pain can strike you. With shoulder pain being so common, it is hard to head to a hospital, especially if you live far away.

Pains All Gone, in addition to producing effective pain fighting ointments and other products, in this blog educates you on the simple home remedies that can cure shoulder pain instantly!

Using Ice Pack For Shoulder

Using an ice pack or cold compression several times a day helps in pain relief. The ice pack reduces swelling and numbs the searing pain. Place the ice pack for not more than 20 minutes. Wrap the ice pack in a towel or other cloth to avoid direct contact with the skin.

Place A Cushion For Support

Whenever you sit up, use a cushion to support your lower back. You can also place one on your lap so that you can rest your arms and reduce the load on your shoulder.

Heat Pack For Shoulder

You can use a heat pack or hot water bottle that loosen the stiff muscles. Both the ice and heat pack for shoulder instantly treat muscular pain and arthritis. You will feel relaxed and experience a soothing feeling.

Take Proper Rest

Proper rest and care have no substitute. Let your shoulders get some time off by avoiding any activity that could trigger the pain or cause more injury. Once you have allowed your shoulder enough respite, gradually ease back into your normal work routine, and the pain will slowly settle and go away.

Shoulder Exercises

Daily exercise and stretches make your body strong and flexible. However, before you juping into back braking exercises, remember a few things.

  • Stop any exercise that is causing you shoulder pain. Wait until your body gets fully accustomed to the workout routine before starting with the particular exercise again
  • Your exercise form really matters. An incorrect form can cause you more shoulder pain or even a serious body injury
  • Before a workout, go for a warm up session. Gentle movement, a warm shower or light shoulder rolls are a perfect start

You can even consult a physiotherapist to teach you the right exercises for your shoulder like the pendulum exercise, door presses, seated triceo and chest stretches, etc. Perform the exercises for at least 6-8 weeks as a preventative measure to cure the shoulder pain. Keep your creativity leashed and do not create exercises on your own.

Pain Medications

There are certain medications such as acetaminophen and aspirin that can reduce shoulder pain. It helps in coping with the injury and allowing yourself a better sleep. However, pain medications can sometimes have side effects such as stomach upset or heart burning. If you are deciding on a medication, it is better to consult a doctor first.

Using A Pain Relief Gel/Cream

There are several pain relief sprays and gels that are a far better option than pills and tablets. Pains All Gone has amazing Eucalyptus Pain relief sprays that can instantly alleviate pain so that you can be active and healthy. Whether shoulder pain, a frozen shoulder, back or neck pain, or any sports-related injury, the spray serves as instant pain therapy.

Simply apply the cream or the spray on the affected area. It is a non-intrusive and safest way to deal with muscular pains. The spray bottles are easy to carry and can be used anywhere. You can use them more than once in a day.

When To Visit A Doctor

All these home remedies are recommended for minor shoulder pains that regular activity causes. However, if you feel intense pain, notice sudden swelling or a deformed joint, or you are unable to move your arm away from your body, immediately see a doctor.

Home remedies lower the risk of serious injuries. The simple at-home exercises complement the medications you take. All of these along with the doctor’s advice, can strengthen your shoulder joint and soothe the pain.

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