ePulse® Percussion Massager


8 interchangeable massage heads
Cordless/rechargeable batteries
6 hours of battery time
20 levels of intensity
Weighs 3.4lbs
High definition LCD display

What is the HyperX Percussion Recovery Gun?

HyperX’s Percussion Gun delivers power, performance, and variable performance. The HYperX installed SilientiQ technology to deliver 20 speeds silently in order to accelerate warmup and recovery.
Variable-speed e Pulse Hyper-X percussion massage therapy gun is ideal for anyone looking for relief from everyday stress. Many consumers choose these types of massage guns because they can go from moderate to powerful speed without having to change position.
The motor is located near the handle of the massager, so you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up with a bulky cord. The larger motor sizes of these types of massage guns can move relatively fast, while the lower speeds tend to be more comfortable for most users.
Because they are very portable, these are a popular choice among consumers who like to carry a small but powerful massager with them everywhere they go.