Eucalyptus & Arnica Joint & Muscle Body Salve

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Eucalyptus & Arnica body salve for joint and muscle pain. Do you suffer from Joint or Muscle Pain? Try our Body Salve with natural Eucalyptus aroma!

Natural Pain Relief

An All Natural Aroma Therapeutic Body Massage Salve for pain relief in joints and muscles. Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives, just all-natural, high-quality essential/therapeutic massage salve, quick-acting pain-relieving formula that works as an anti-inflammatory also, increases circulation, helps rejuvenate muscles and joints—commonly used for arthritis pain, muscle soreness, neck and back pain, fibromyalgia, swelling, headaches, diabetic related pain and much more.

Aromatherapy Massage Oil

During an aromatherapy massage, you will inhale a blend of essential oil molecules or absorb them through your skin. This therapy is said to promote beneficial changes in your mind and your body by affecting the limbic system, which is an area of the brain known to be involved in emotion.

How to Use

Just apply some salve to the effective area and massage thoroughly. If you are suffering from chronic pain, apply Eucalyptus Salve 2-3 times a day for five days. Each day you should notice a difference. Daily use for maintenance is acceptable to loosen up and free muscles and joints from pain and stiffness.

Eucalyptus Body Salve

A rich combo of key ingredients such as eucalyptus oil, aloe vera, jojoba, grapeseed, and beeswax which provide a soothing feeling with a refreshing smell.


Arnica is a plant that’s refined to a fine oil and is good for pain relief. Arnica is grown in the mountains from Alaska to western Canada, and central California, Arizona, and New Mexico. The plant contains an active ingredient, helenalin, which can be beneficial for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Arnica is used for helping bruises, sprains, muscle aches, wound healing, superficial phlebitis, joint pain, inflammation from insect bites, and swelling from broken bones, promoting recovery after injury.