A Natural Aroma Therapeutic Massage Oil with palm massager. And then use the palm massager to roll it around your muscles. Release tension and stress! Works great as a combo!


We bring you a stunning combination of palm massager and eucalyptus oil in this massage therapy package that relieves you of the excruciating pain that hinders daily activities. The Eucalyptus Plys palm massager helps in improving the range of motion and removes the trigger points.

The Eucalyptus plus oil that comes along with the palm massager is free of toxic chemicals or any preservatives, making it more effective for treating muscular pain. The almost magical formula and the palm massager quickly relieve pain and rejuvenate the muscles to improve motion.

The palm-shaped massager can be placed on any part of the body, such as the head, neck, face, back, or belly. The rollers in the palm massager rotate 360 degrees and alleviate any pain or soreness in any part of the body. The duo is helpful in quickly treating muscular and joint issues. It is perfect for providing you with hot and cold therapy as the metallic rollers move across the affected area.

You can now easily rid yourself of pain killers and pills to control joint pains as Eucalyptus oil is an all-natural way to bid goodbye to all bodily issues. The spray serves as an instant pain reliever over which you can roll the palm-shaped massager that complements the effectiveness of the oil.

The palm massager helps in reducing pain and stress as it removes fatigue. It does so by reducing cellulite and improving circulation that helps suppress pain and body aches. The message therapy package is an essential part of your kit if you are an active and sporty person. It can also be an appropriate gift for ageing parents and even grandparents as with age, arthritis and other joint issues become more frequent.

The durable and comfortable design of the massager comprises soft PVC brushes and can be used anywhere, even during bathing. The brushes do not bite into your skin and are comfortable to hold. With the Eucalyptus plus 1 btl palm massager, you can treat your soring muscles or any trigger points. The palm massager fits in the hands of any size and, together with the Eucalyptus oil, does wonder and relieving you of pain and stress.

Carry the massage therapy package with you anywhere so that no matter where you are, your performance is not affected by muscular pains.