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Hot And Cold Face Mask

The hot and cold face mask has an incredible therapeutic effect as it reduces swelling, pain, and discomfort that is caused by inflammation, injury, or post-surgical burns and pain. The cold face mask treats a wide variety of ailments that comprise spasms, soreness, swollen or puffy eyes, fever, and many other issues.

The versatile mask is a hot-cold pack that is made to comfortably fit your face with openings for eyes, mouth, and nose that allows you to see and breathe without any trouble. It is very easy to use the mask. You can place it in a refrigerator or freezer until it reaches the desired temperature for cooling or using it as an ice pack. The cold temperature might be jarring at first, but the cooling sensation and rejuvenating effects will make you crave the cold face mask more often. In case you wish to use it as a hot pack, you can place it in the microwave according to the given instructions on the pack. Your face mask is then ready to be used for relieving you of various ailments.

It is a flexible and reusable maks that is made of non-toxic ingredients and is safe to use. The PVC cover is tear-resistant and does not leak. The flexible hot and cold mask remains flexible so that it easily conforms to your eyes and sinus area and reaches deep into the tissue to reduce pain, stress, and tension. You can wash the mask by wiping it with a wet cloth and reuse it multiple times. Be very careful while using the mask if you have sensitive skin.

It is a versatile mask that you can use to cover your face and even your back, head, or shoulders. It has a small size that makes it portable so that you can use it while traveling, meditation, or just for relaxing. Enjoy a stronger and healthier skin with the hot and cold mask that quickly removes toxins through various hot and cold treatments. You can achieve many benefits in a very little amount of time with its daily usage.