Heat and Cold Pack – Universal


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Heat and Cold Pack – Universal

The reusable heat pad allows you to treat yourself to the luxury and comfort of a spa at home any time you want! It is the perfect way to pamper your body after a tiring day as the heat and cold therapy soothes your muscles and drains out all the muscular strain and tension.

It wraps around your shoulders and necks to melt away all the tension and relieve you of cramps, muscle fatigue or stiffness. Unlike the synthetics and oils, the universal cold pack instantly removes all the pain and improves blood circulation. It stays hot or cold for long so that the cooling or warm sensation continues to suppress any pain or discomfort that might arise from muscular tension.

The reusable cold pack can be kept in the refrigerator until it achieves the intended temperature and can then be wrapped on your shoulders. It stays cold for a long time as the cooling sensation spreads through your back and removes all tension from your body.

It has a design that allows it to mold around your body easily, which means you can even place it on any body part. Unlike other heat packs, it won’t lose its shape if you place it in a microwave or warm water. However, do read on the manufacturers guide about the temperature limits for both heat and cold.

It has a thick layer of gel inside it, which, unlike other products, is of high quality and lasts long. It stays both hot and cold for long so that you don’t have to place them back inside a freezer or microwave after every 5 minutes. The daily chores, work, study, and job put immense pressure on us. Along with these responsibilities comes the pressure of good performance. These are enough to cause body issues, pain, and stress. With the reusable heat pack, you won’t have to wait for a spy appointment to give your body some respite. You can use it anywhere and anytime.

The hot and cold therapy enabled by our heat and the cold pack is best for traveling as well. The portable pack can be kept inside the bag and used whenever the need arises. From travelers, sportsperson to anyone, the heat and cold pack is of incredible use and importance. There are numerous health benefits of hot and cold therapy. With a relaxed body, you can be sure of maximum performance and good health!