These are just a few selections of testimonials that have been sent to us. If you have enjoyed our product, please read our Eucalyptus Plus testimonials.

Testimonial #1

I was in Palm Springs in May on vacation and you were set up at a festival downtown and I purchased 2 bottles. This stuff really works and I appreciate you for this. I just re-ordered 2 more bottles, I really like this product. I have had shingles and severe post neurogenic pain but since using this it has really brought relief.
Thanks very much!

Diane J.

Testimonial #2

A friend gave me a bottle of Eucalyptus Plus, I am 60 years old and had a painful knee, and the stuff worked wonders. My wife (had) a sore upper back, sprayed on some Eucalyptus Plus and presto. I hope you stay in businesses as long as we are alive. We live in the Boise Idaho area, and would like to know about being a distributor in this market. THANKS AGAIN for such a great product.

Randy R.

Testimonial #3

Love your product!


Testimonial #4

Please let me know how I can get involved with this wonderful product. I love Pain’s all gone. I recommend to everyone!

Rachel B.

Testimonial #5

My in-laws bought your product at the Arizona State, will I have to wait until next year for you to return or do you have another home show in the Phoenix, Arizona area and where as I’d like to get the special price you provide at those venues. Thanks in advance.


Testimonial #6

This product has changed my life! Five years ago I had a near-death car accident that nearly severed my left hand & arm. Now permanently disabled with mild traumatic brain injury, I have been under anesthesia 15 times and have had 10 surgeries. The amounts & kinds of pain medications I have needed to take is unbelievable; including: morphine, dauladid, methadone, baclofen & more. I had begun to accept the fact that I would be on oxycontin, oxycodone, neurontin & ibuprofen for the rest of my life. All previous attempts at finding topical pain relief, for my constant nerve pain & headaches, were unsuccessful. While looking for a natural headache remedy at the state fair I stumbled upon the Eucalyptus Plus booth.

Within just minutes after the woman began massaging it into my hand & arm I began to feel the tingle, & within a few more minutes I actually started to feel relief. I couldn’t believe it, I thought wow if this really works I can get off the pain medication. Now I use Eucalyptus Plus on a daily basis & would not live without it!Yes, it does work on all sorts of ailments, just like they claim. The slight herbal smell does not linger for long, the oils are absorbed instantly into the skin and do not leave a greasy residue or stain clothing. I thank God for Eucalyptus Plus, it has allowed me to reduce my pain & nerve medications by over 50%. That may not sound like much, but when you’re taking 30mg oxycontin, 60mg oxycodone, 2400mg neurontin & 3200mg ibuprofen a day; any reduction is a blessing & this is a huge one. I and my family want to thank the developers of Eucalyptus Plus for giving me back a much-improved quality of life!

Amy H.

Testimonial #7

I am utterly amazed by this all natural pain reliever, called Eucalyptus Plus. I have had four knee surgeries, due to years playing football. At the age of 50 I was told I would need a complete knee replacement. I thought I was way too young to have to have this surgery.  However, I attended an event and witnessed Eucalyptus Plus being applied to people with various aliments. I knew I had nothing to lose. I had the gentlemen apply the spray to my knee and literally within a matter of minutes I felt the pain lessen. Due to Eucalyptus Plus the pain in my knee has lessened at least 80%. For now, I use Eucalyptus Plus only when I need it and sometimes that is only once a week. Am I ever glad I found Eucalyptus Plus.

Steve G.

Testimonial #8

Thank you Eucalyptus Plus! I have suffered with allergies for years. All day feeling like I have a cold with watery eyes, constant sneezing, blowing my nose and totally congested. After five nights of rubbing Eucalyptus Plus on my forehead, temples and under my nostrils, I now have experienced relief for months at a time. Now when I feel my allergies coming on I use Eucalyptus Plus. Thats why we sale it, it WORKS!

Sandy M.

Testimonial #9

Being a skeptic on anything claiming to relieve pain, I was sure that the pain in my elbow (Arthritis), I had for 5 years would not be relieved with any spray. Much to my astonishment after 5 or 6 sprays on the elbow and rubbing it in, I quickly turned to my wife and said “I don’t believe this, this is the first relief I’ve had in 5 years”. I quickly put two bottles in front of me to purchase, before I could be rung up, I pulled over 2 more bottles. I purchased 4 bottles that day and never want to be without this product.

Ted N.

Testimonial #10

I work in construction and am on my feet most of the day. Once I stop for the day and get home at night, my feet do not stop burning. All through the night, I wake up due to this pain. I attended a fair and a gentlemen applied Eucalyptus Plus.  I said I wanted to walk around the fair and see how it felt. That night I went home and slept all through the night. The next day I returned to the fair, not to go on rides or see the other exhibits, but simply to purchase a year’s supply of  Eucalyptus Plus.

Paul B.

Testimonial #11

As anybody who has had a triple cardio bypass surgery will tell you, your left foot will always be somewhat swollen due to the harvesting of a vein from your left leg. You always have to struggle with it, making sure to walk and elevate it at times. Sometimes it aches to the point of significant discomfort and you really feel the swelling. Eucalyptus Plus removes all the pain instantly and provides hours of comfort and soothing.

John R.

Testimonial #12

I focused using Eucalyptus Plus on my neck, shoulders & upper back. Everyday after I got out of the shower I would rub the oil onto my neck & shoulder area. Some days I would apply it twice a day. Each application was 3-4 sprays. I used it for my entire training period of 8 weeks. Most days after a ride I had tension/tightness in my neck & upper back. Some days after a swim my shoulders ached. Even days I didn’t have any tension/pain I still would apply the oil. The oil has a light eucalyptus smell that goes away after about 5 minutes. The oil didn’t feel too greasy & didn’t stain any of my clothes.

I took the below picture tonight & was shocked to see how much oil is left in the bottle after 2 months of daily use. I would say the bottle would last about 8 months if used daily.

My shoulders are very temperamental & typically at some point during the training block I have to back off from swimming for a week or more to prevent further injury. During this training block my longest swim was 2000 meters & my longest ride was 35 miles. Before this training block, my swims topped out at 1600m & my rides at 25 miles so this was the heaviest training block to date for me.

So how did it work? Once I applied the oil I felt some tension release immediately. It didn’t make all the pain go away but I could definitely feel an improvement. What was even more impressive was as the 8 weeks progressed with increased training loads the tension / pain decreased. As opposed to all my previous training blocks I never had to dial down or skip a swim workout during the 8 weeks. At the end of the Lake Logan Triathlon I was shocked at how good I felt. I didn’t have a bit of tension or pain in my neck, upper back or shoulders. That to me is success! I will continue to use this oil as well as recommend it to anyone that hasn’t found success with other pain management techniques.

Andrea W.

Testimonial #13

We purchased your product while on vacation in LaQuinta. We are amazed at how effectively it works – a wonderful product! Just wondering if you are marketing your product in Manitoba, Canada. I am so ‘sold’ on the product that I could see promoting it. Please let me know your distribution plans. Thanks!

Wendy J.

Testimonial #14

Hello, I am a Linedance Instructor in Temecula and very interested in becoming a distributor. Please let me know the details & wholesale pricing, shipping info, etc. Thank you very much, I love this product & it does work !

Nita T.

Testimonial #15

My cousin Diane sent me this product for my arthritis…it really helped my hands and doing my needlepoint etc. The absolute BEST thing is that I used it on my neck and shoulders and for the first time in years I have not had to use my mouthguard at night because I clench my teeth….once I get relief on one ache I find another so pretty much use it as night total body oil…do you have a bath soak? Or can you put the spray in the water? That would save lots of time in applying all over my self….love the smell…me and the Koala’s love that Eucaliptus <:)

Judy C.

Testimonial #16

I went to my mother and dads house and took the medicine. My mom put it on my 86yr old grandmother that had a side pain and it worked and it seems to work on all the pains that she gets every day. So this is the best medicine that has helped all lot of special people in my life from fibromyalgia to sore muscles. I bought medicine at the fair and now more online. I tell everyone that tells me the pain that they have. Thank you!

Cynthia W.

Testimonial #17

I love the all natural pain relief formula I bought from you at the Monrovia street fair last Friday. And thank you so much for mailing a bottle to my dad in Massachusetts.

Irene G.

Testimonial #18

Would like to get information on becoming a distributor for this product. I use it and it works great.

Krista M.

Testimonial #19

I purchased your product this Summer at the Oregon State Fair in Salem and would love to be a distributor. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Shawn Q.

Testimonial #20

Hi, I have been purchasing your Eucalyptus Plus for sometime now and would like to maybe start selling your product. How do I go about doing that. Thanks.

Julie B.

Testimonial #21

I bought your product at the Tamale festival from my daughter. Now she is thinking of becoming a distributor. What are the procedures for this. Thank you.

Lorraine N.

Testimonial #22

I have used Eucalyptus Plus for the past year and am happy with the results. I would like to know what it would take to be a distrubutor.

Daniel L.

Testimonial #23

Hi, About a year ago I met you at the gun show in Pomona. You were offering sample trys of this product so I tried some on my leg because I was exausted from waling all over and I have bad legs and they were flaring up. To my surprise it really help. So I bought a bottle. Well last Sept my wife ended up with a DVT in her left leg that ended up causing a Embolism. She was hospitalized for about 30 days but lived to tell about it. Now she has tremendous leg pain that keeps her up at night. We were at a loss as t what to do she is on blood thinners so she is limited to what she can take for pain relief. I forgot about the little purple bottle I had purchased from you as a matter of fact I misplaced it. I scoured the net trying to find what I can do to help her get out of her pain. The r. gave her darvocet but then shortly after taking those she was out non functional. So one day I remembered about the bottled I had purchased from you and found it! I sprayed alittle on her effected part of her legs that were the real bother and rubbed it in gently. With-in a few minutes she was 75% PAIN FREE!! Her back was effected as well so I then sprayed that with a little mist, rubbed it in, 75% PAIN FREE!! So now every night before she goes to bed I spray her “Bad Spots” she sleeps like a baby and gets the rest she needs enabling her to fight to get better. We are both truly amazed at your little purple bottle. I would like to resell your product to others just because it works so well. Please let me know what I need to do in-order to become a distributor and hopefully I can get this in the hands of others that are at a loss like we were.

Mike R.

Testimonial #24

This stuff is amazing!!! I have arthritis really bad in my feet and knees and it really helps to take away the pain!! I would really be interested in getting more informtation on being a distributor. Please e-mail me with more information! Thanks!

Lisa P.

Testimonial #25

I’ve used your product for Sjogren’s Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and found it to be superior to Breeze and other remedies I’ve tried. I would be interested in learning more about a distributorship. I have numerous friends who could benefit from this product.

Susan R.

Testimonial #26

we tried your product in arizona and it works great… want to order more…. we live in montana and want to know if we can order direct…. thanks.jc

Jeanne F.

Testimonial #27

A friend who had much pain from nerve endings after mastectomy, and 2 further surgery’s bringing her down to almost no skin told me of your product. It took awhile but your product has given her a life again. She is able to live without the horrible pain she had to endure.

Steve M.

Testimonial #28

I was at the state fair last year in oregon. I have told several persons about your Eucalyptus Plus and I have sprayed them with the liquid and they have liked it, So send me your papers and samples and I will get you some customers.

Philip B.

Testimonial #29

I wanted to let you know that this works wonderful on allergies! I have severe itching right after our lawn gets cut. My doctor gave me steroid cream over the past 3 years for my arms! I sprayed this on my arms and it stopped itching within about 2 minutes! Great stuff! Thanks,


Testimonial #30

I too was a skeptic and have tried so many topical pain relievers. I figured I’d give it one more try, and so I purchased two bottles of  Eucalyptus Plus. It came very fast in the mail and that evening I sprayed it on the rotator cuff part of my shoulder. WOW! In a matter of 2-3 minutes the pain was gone. Yet, I was still skeptical ’cause nothing ever worked before. I slept that night with no pain. Upon rising in the morning, I sprayed again and whatever slight pain had come back, in a few moments was gone once again. I told my wife. “Hey, you are not going to believe this, but this stuff really and truly works. I just placed and order for 4 more bottles and even though it is kind of expensive, it is soooo worth it. I am a satisfied customer and hopefully, as the add says, the pain will even get less and less as time goes by with constant usage. Now it has been two weeks and all I can say is that this truly helps to alleviate my shoulder pain. It is hardly there at all!

Lee W.

Testimonial #31

I just wanted to tell you that I purchased your product and started using it for a week now. It is great I am almost pain free. I have a bad back and a knee replacement that is not healing well, with your product I am able to have a bearable life and can work for a change. I am a designer and haven’t been able to sit at my drawing board for more than ½ hour at a time. Now I can sit for hours with almost no pain. I live in a senior park and have been telling everyone about it so expect more orders.

Gil G.

Testimonial #32

I bought this about 2 years ago at San Joaquin Fair for my husbands back problems, but couldn’t get him to use it so I tried it on my thumbs, which had tendinitis and the doctors just told me to not use my thumbs. I sprayed Pain All Gone everyday 2-3 times a day for approx. 2months and now I have No more pain and popping. I got my husband to use it on his cracked feet and now he has no more pains and cracking and he is a diabetic and his doctors tell him keep using this spray if it is solving your pain and problems with your feet. Three months into using this spray I decided to become a Stockton, Ca distributor. Thank You for helping my husband and myself with pain free thumbs & feet.


Testimonial #33

I got a bottle of pain all gone while in Portland at the Sat Market. I use oils all the time and this is the first time seeing this formula. It works. I want to know more on how to become a distributor.

Naomi K.

Testimonial #34

We met you in Palm Springs and purchased your Eucalyptus Plus massage oils and we (husband, father-in-law & me) love it! My husband and I discussed the distributorship briefly with you in PS. We are interested in finding out more on how this works. Please e-mail me some information or you may contact me at my cell # 323-XXX-XXXX. Thank you,


Testimonial #35

I am possibly interested in being a distributor of your product. I am a Dr. of Chiropractic and I’m looking for a natural product to assist my patients in pain relief. Please contact me so we can discuss the arrangements and possibility of doing business together. Thank you.

Dr. Bello

Testimonial #36

I was in Alabama at a flea mkt. saw a gentleman in a wheelchair selling this mixture. I was having bad foot pain from plantar facitus, he sprayed my foot and it immediately felt better. I bought a bottle, used it up and looked on line and found Eucalyptus Plus. After using it a few days I have noticed the skin cancer on my hand has nearly gone away. I BOUGHT 4 BOTTLES AND GAVE 2 AWAY TO FRIENDS. IT IS TRULY A GREAT REMEDY. BETTER THAN SHOTS AND A 35.00 CO-PAY. GOD BLESS YOU.

Kermit P.

Testimonial #37

I received Eucalyptus Plus from Gloria, while I was working at Tarbell in Rancho Mirage. She gave it to me for my knee problems. Now I have Calcified Tendonitis on my Achilles Heal. This product helps me so much. I need to have surgery, but want to wait until after summer. I will be laid up for 3 mos., so I use Pain’s All Gone every day to help relieve the pain. It really helps me to sleep without pain. Wishing you much success with future sales. Thank You!!

Patricia L.

Testimonial #38

This stuff works!!! Everyone should replace all of those toxic oral pain relievers in their medicine cabinets with bottles of Eucalyptus Plus. We use it for everything from sunburns to headaches and everything in between. Thank you Eucalyptus Plus!

Leslie D.

Testimonial #39

I was wondering if you sold your product by the case and if so, how many bottles to a case and what the price might be including duty and shipping costs to Edmonton, Alberta Canada? Thank you

Julianna R.

Testimonial #40

Have a safe season and send me material on any new items you will be handling…love my Eucalyptus Plus, and am spraying people at work…Love it! Thanks for the great customer service, package arrived when you said it would and items are wonderful…Thanks and blessings to you and yours.


Testimonial #41

Just two short weeks ago, we spent a week in Palm Dessert, Ca. On Thursday eve we visited the street market and met Sandy at her kyosk with Eucalyptus Plus oil, and that was the end of my very painful sciatica. I purchased two bottles and I put it on my pain and massage the bottom of my feet every night, and have slept through every night since. Thank you, thank you Sandy. I would like to be a distributor of this amazing eucalyptus oil……left you my number, looking forward to your call.

Elena M.

Testimonial #42

I have used this type of oil for years and love it. I’m very interested in distributing this myself. Please send me information on how to do this.

Kathy L.

Testimonial #43

I have lived with chronic pain and fibromyalgia for 15 yrs….would Love to share with others the effectiveness of this product. Live near Ft. Knox Ky, where there is a need for this product. Soldiers have knee pain from the physical training they undergo and many are injured from the war. There is a large population of disabled vets here. Would like to know what the start up cost is to become a distributer. Thank you, in advance with any information about this.

Amy C.

Testimonial #44

I met Sandy and her husband at the Sonoma County Fair. I watched them as they sprayed and massage people as they came by to ask about their products. I had a terrible headache that day and I did over hear her say it works on headaches and a lot more. So i said yea right I went over not telling her my symptoms and I sprayed a kleenex by the 10 breath my headache was gone oh boy was sold. I got a couple bottles and I’ve used it on my colleague’s aches and pains and they all want a bottle. I have a daughter with asthma and a daughter with terrible migraines and PAINS ALL GONE have worked for both even my pregnant neighbor’s headaches. She cant wait for me to get her a bottle. I highly recommend it for all who suffer from any kind of pain.

Amy C.

Testimonial #45

I received a bottle of Eucalyptus Plus from my son and daughter-in-law and it has worked wonders on my fibromyalgia and arthritis and I would love to purchase another bottle, but do not have a pay pal account. I live in Ks. and would like to pay by check, but didn’t know if you accepted personal checks. I think my son bought my bottle at the Orange Co. Calif. fair. Please let me know as soon as possible how I can purchase this wonderful product. Thank You.

Janell T.



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